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Release: 2019.10.1

Release Notes 2019

Features: Back Office: You can now enter the cost for a PLU. This is used for calculations in the new Menu Engineering Report (below). Note: This field has been pre-populated to be 35% of the Default Price. Back Office: A new option for modifier PLUs...

Release: 2019.10.2

Release Notes 2019

This release focused on gift cards, as well as better multi-store support for coupons. Features: Back Office: You can now search for a gift card in Gift Card Screen Back Office: Gift Cards screen now shows all gift card transaction history by clicki...

Release: 2019.11.1

Release Notes 2019

NOTE: This release requires iPod handhelds to be on the latest version of the app in the app store to work properly. Please ensure they are upgraded ASAP. Features: Overall: System now supports timed firing. When ‘holding’ an item from the terminal or ha...

Release: 2019.12.2

Release Notes 2019

Features: Terminal: You can now name guests by holding the guest number for 2 seconds. (Note: this is currently only available on the terminal, not the handheld. Companion functionality will be added in a future update)   BackOf...

Release: 2021.7.1

Release Notes 2021

New Features: Online Ordering: Sail POS now offers a fully integrated Online Ordering system - Contact us for more information if you are interested (Available for Cloud subscribers only) Terminal: You can now override the button color ...

Release: 2021.8.1

Release Notes 2021

New Features: General: Sales reports have seen some changes worth noting. We have made some nice improvements to the sales reports. This includes the ‘Daily Report’, ‘Server Report’, ‘Terminal Report’ printed from the terminal. As well as the ‘Sales ...

Release 2023.1.1 "Echidna"

Release Notes 2023

New Features: Terminal: Press and hold menu items If you press and hold a menu item you will now receive this pop up which will allow you to do various things. Please keep in mind that some of the buttons available on this screen will be dependent on your...

Release: 2022.3.1

Release Notes 2022

Note: Items indicated with a ** have been in the system for a few months and are not new as of this release, they just were not documented in previous release notes. New Features: Reporting: Add new sections to reports A few new sections are available to ad...

Release: 2022.4.1

Release Notes 2022

New reports: Weekly and monthly reports In the closing settings you can now add either a weekly and/or monthly report. It will be the same report you receive for your daily close just for the week or month. Both reports will be sent to the same ...

Release: 2022.8.1

Release Notes 2022

This release contains a ton of performance enhancements and bug fixes throughout the system Kitchen Video KVS Now shows no make tickets if your No Make tickets are configured to send to the kitchen Backoffice PLUs assigned to a Modifier Set can now...

Release 2022.10.1

Release Notes 2022

New User Interface: Sail POS has looked pretty much the same for the last 10+ years. We thought it was time to give it a little facelift All of the function and features are the same. It just has a new fresh look Here is a sneak peak of wh...

Release 2022.10.2 "Alligator"

Release Notes 2022

This release focused on being able to multi select from the order screen and some reorganization and additional buttons. Launch Buttons We have added the launch buttons to the top right corner. This is helpful to quickly get to different areas of the system ...

Cloud and Server Hybrid

Release Notes 2022

Currently you are using a cloud only based system. Which means everything you do on the terminal and handheld needs to use the internet to go to the cloud to access the information. This means that your system is 100% relient on a stable internet connection ...

Release 2022.11.2 "Baboon"

Release Notes 2022

Note: This release adds 2 new features but mostly addresses bug issues New Features: Terminal: Guest select button on the payment screen We have added these new buttons to the payment screen to help make it easier to pay out all guests...

Release 2022.12.1 "Chinchilla"

Release Notes 2022

This release has just made some improvements to already existing features. Improvements: Terminal: 86 Item Search We have changed the way you 86 an item. It will make it much easier! Now when you click on the “Add 86 Item” button in the lower right of ...

Release 2022.12.2 "Dragon Fly"

Release Notes 2022

Notes: A new feature everyone has been waiting for for a long time is FINALLY HERE!!! Please keep in mind, if you have a handheld, that this release will require you to update it in the app store before you can use it! New Features: General: We now have the...

Terminal Launch Screen

Terminals & Handhelds Getting started

The terminal launch screen is the “launching” point for all the other parts of the POS system. It is a central location where you see updates and notes on what is happening at the store today as well as navigate to other sections in the...

Release 2023.1.2 "Flamingo"

Release Notes 2023

Notes: This release mainly focuses on improving existing functions New Feature: Terminal: Transfer buttons have been added to the Tools screen. You can still transfer things the way you used to, we just wanted to also have all of the transfer options in...

Release 2023.1.3 "Gazelle"

Release Notes 2023

Reminder, starting Monday January 30th, your handheld devices will need to be on the current app store version (2023.1.3) in order to work. Notes: This release is all about Access levels! Improvements: There are two ways to give access to an employee A...

Release 2023.2.1 "Howler Monkey"

Release Notes 2023

Hello All, The release this Monday will be very minor as we have been working very hard on our next release. The next release focuses on “under the hood” updates, so you will not notice any changes but the whole system has been updated to make things easier f...