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Release: 2019.10.1


  • Back Office: You can now enter the cost for a PLU. This is used for calculations in the new Menu Engineering Report (below). Note: This field has been pre-populated to be 35% of the Default Price.

  • Back Office: A new option for modifier PLUs allows you to have the price of that modifier roll up it's parent's price instead of explicitly showing the add-on. For example if a drink is $10, and an “on the rocks” modifier is used that adds $1.50 - If this new option is checked, instead of the customer receipt showing $10 for the drink and $1.50 for the “on the rocks” modifier, it will simply show $11.50 for the drink. This is on the Advanced tab in a PLU setup.

  • Back Office (Multi Store): PLU Sales Report can now be ran across multiple stores (previously you could only select a single store)

  • New Report (Multi Store): PLU Sales Report By Store - allows you to compare PLU sales across a selected list of stores.

  • New Report: Menu Engineering Report - shows an analysis of menu items comparing their profit and popularity



  • Terminal: Payments are now shown on the terminal with each guest's items (at the bottom of each guest). When selecting a payment here, specific options and detail will be shown that are specific to that payment type. Payments are still shown in the “Completed Payments” section of the Payments screen (for now), we may remove this in the future.




  • Terminal: Various performance improvements (Switching tabs on slower hardware is one example that has seen improvement)

  • Terminal: When decreasing the guest count, if items on a guest # higher than the new guest count exists, the terminal will prompt the user and move the items to the new highest guest number. For example, if you had a table with a guest count of 5, all of which had items on it, and the guest count was set to 3, all items on guests 4 & 5 will move to guest 3 (after prompting the user with a warning)

  • Back Office (Multi Store): In BackOffice, users can now only see PLUs that are linked to their home store if they do not have full system access.

  • Back Office: You can now search for a gift card number in Go Fish

  • KVS: Various Kitchen Video performance enhancements

  • KVS: Kitchen Video side stations are now updated when items are bump'd or recalled from the wheel screen.

  • General: Customer Receipts with applied payments, now show the suffix of the gift card number when gift card payments were applied

Bug Fixes:

  • Terminal: Fixed a bug with splitting an item if the Split Item button was toggled multiple times

  • Terminal: Fixed an error that would present during Fast Cash if multiple Cash tender types were defined

  • Terminal: On some hardware, popup windows would need to be tapped once before they were active

  • Terminal: A very rare occurrence in which a popup window would get hidden behind the main window, causing the terminal to appear locked up without anyway to get to that window has been resolved.

  • Back Office (Multi Store): Fixed an issue that, in some cases, Day Summary mobile would incorrectly calculate Labor % if an employee was clocked in at store other than their home store.

  • Back Office (Multi Store): Fixed the Location filter in the PLU Filter screen

  • General: Fixed an issue with PARTIAL CHECK being printed on split customer receipts incorrectly

  • General: Fixed an issue that intermittently occurred when printing gift card receipts that were not approved.