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Release 2023.2.1 "Howler Monkey"

Hello All,

The release this Monday will be very minor as we have been working very hard on our next release. The next release focuses on “under the hood” updates, so you will not notice any changes but the whole system has been updated to make things easier for the developers to fix and add more features in the future!

Howler Monkey Release

Bug Fix - Kitchen Video - Old Tickets tab now shows tickets in order from newest to oldest instead of in a random order.



The next release will require some help from you!

Because it's such a major update there will be some downtime and we also have a request:

  1. Sunday 2/26/2023 - 10pm - 7am (Monday morning):
    Cloud services will be down during this time. This includes Back Office, Online Ordering and Gift Card Sales/Redemption.

  2. Monday Night 2/27/2023 - 1:15am - 7am (Tuesday morning):
    Sail in its entirety will be down during this time. Because of this, we ask that Monday night you run your daily close by 1:15am. (If you are a location that usually does an Auto-close, we encourage you to run it manually that night, or we will do it manually at 1:15am)


If you are a location that uses handhelds, starting Tuesday 2/28/23 they will need to be on the new version: 2023.2.2 in order to work with this release.