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Release 2023.1.1 "Echidna"

New Features:

Terminal: Press and hold menu items

  • If you press and hold a menu item you will now receive this pop up which will allow you to do various things.
  • Please keep in mind that some of the buttons available on this screen will be dependent on your access level, such as 86’ing or editing an item.


What the item description looks like:


How to hold an item:


How to update or remove an 86 item: 


  • If an item is on the 86 list you will see the quantity at the top, next to the item name

  • You can update the quantity or remove the item from the 86 list

How to Edit an Item:


  • As soon as you click on “Edit item” you will see this screen.

  • You will need to click on one of the fields (such as the name or default price) to proceed with editing the item.


  • If you click on the price field, only the numbers will be active to type in the new price.

  • You will need to backspace to delete the old price.

  • Then type in the new price, and click done.

  • It will go back to the edit screen. You can either click “Save” to be done or click on the names to edit them


  • If you click on the “Name” Field, you can use the keyboard to type in a new name for the item.

  • You can then click on each of the next two fields to edit the Kitchen or Receipt text.

    • Or you can use the green arrow to copy the same name from the top to the next field

  • Once finished you can click the done button.

    • It will go back to the edit screen. You can either click “Save” to be done.


Terminal: We redesigned the order view button


  1. Table Number - This is the table number your guests are sitting at.

  2. Table Name - This will appear if you choose to put a table name on your order.

  3. Server’s Name - This is the name of the server/bartender that this order is assigned to.

  4. :new: Order ID Number - This is the last 4 digits of the Transaction ID number that is also on the check header on the order entry screen and on the top right corner of the customer receipt. (The receipt will have the full number, not just the last 4 digits)

  5. Guest Count - This is the number of guests at your table.

  6. Amount - This is the total amount of the bill for this table.

  7. Open Time & :new: Closed Time -



  8. :new: Last Touched & :new: Order Duration -


  9. :new: Icon Indicators -



  10. :new: Order Types -



  11. :new: Kitchen Status - If your location is using Kitchen Video, you will have Kitchen statuses appearing at the bottom of the order.


Terminal: New Sorting Options!

Now that we have added this new information to the button, we also have the ability to sort the orders by those fields!

  • Whichever option you choose to sort the orders by, that information will be bolded so that it's easier to find.

  • The only field that you can not sort by are the icons