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Release 2023.2.2 "Iguana"

Notes: Your Handhelds need to be on 2023.2.2 version in the app store


Terminal: Auto Save

  • Previously, whenever you performed any action on an order, you had to Send it before the change would go into effect and before you left the order. We have changed a couple of the actions to Auto Save, so you don’t have to hit send every time.
  • These actions will now AUTO SAVE when you leave the order, so you don’t need to click send.
    • Splitting positions (moving items to a new persons), Holding items, Transfering, Changing Order Type, Discounts, Comps, Voids, Updating the Guest Count, and add Gratuities or Charges.

Backoffice: Day Summary link in Backoffice

  • Many of our customers use our “Day Summary” live report. However it was only available on your cell phone. We have now added a link right in Backoffice for everyone to view at anytime!
  • Login to Backoffice → go to the POS tab → click on “View Day Summary” button on the top left of the dashboard view.



Here is a snapshot of what live sales would like