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Release: 2023.7.1 "Roadrunner"

New Features:

Backoffice: Job Role Departments

  • You can now create a job role department to separate out different departments in your business.

  • Go into Job Roles, and there is now a new tab called Departments. Here you can create as many different departments as you’d like.


  • Then go into each job role and assign it to the departments


  • In future releases, we will have reporting based on these departments

Terminal: Create printing rules with a job role.

  • For example, if you never want the bartenders tickets to print at the bar, regardless of which device they use, you can create a rule like this



General: Item level discounts will now automatically be taken out of the reporting group that the item is assigned to

  • For example, if you have a $1 off discount on alcohol, when you discount a beer it will come out of the beer reporting group, and when you discount a glass of wine it will come out of the wine reporting group.

  • If you use a check level discount it will not come out of any of the reporting groups, and will be at the bottom of your sales report



:bug: Bug Fixes:

General: Fixed an issue where the tax exempt button was not applying to charges and coupons