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Release: 2023.3.1 "Jerboa"

Notes: Please remember to update your handhelds to the latest version in the app store: 2023.3.1

New Features:

Terminal: Quantity consolidates items on the check.

  • This feature will be very helpful for locations that have banquets and other big events.

  • If you press and hold a menu item you will get a pop up to enter a quantity.

  • Then the quantity will appear as only 1 line item


  • In this example, there are only 3 line items instead of 300! This should significantly help with the time it takes to send and payout the order

  • Please keep in mind that if you highlight this item and perform another function (comp/void/notes/etc) with it, it will be applied to the entire quantity.

  • If you need to ungroup the quantity, you can select the item, click on “more” on the bottom toolbar. There is an “Ungroup” button in there. And this will take it from 1 line item to 100 line items.

    • Note: There is not a way to re-group it (yet) once its been ungrouped



Terminal: Logout button prompt

  • Previously when you click the “Logout” button while in an order, it would automatically log you out of the system without asking if you were sure or if you wanted to send the order. We have added the same prompt to the Logout button as the rest of the buttons, so you have a chance to send the order first.


:bug: Bug Fixes:

Kitchen Tickets: There was a bug where if you held an order for a specific amount of time, then voided it, it would still send to the kitchen when then held time was over. This has been fixed!