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Release 2024.4.2 "Melbourne"

Notes: Use the page navigation section on the top left of this screen to jump between the features you'd like to read about.

**This release will NOT require you to update your handheld**

If you would like any additional information or help setting up any of these new features, please contact support at: or call (612) 861-5277

New Features

1. Bump Bar Support

  • We have now added bump bar support for the KVS screen 


2. KVS: The print button will print but not bump

  • If you have a printer set up on the Expo screen, the print button will print out the ticket but will not bump the ticket off the screen.
    • We did this so that you can print the ticket and get it ready to run the food, or get it ready for a to go order, without bumping the ticket off the other screens.


3. KVS: Variable priced items show notes and price

  • Now when a variable priced item is rang in, the price and notes will show up on the ticket on the KVS screen.
    • This is to help visibility of what was rang in and the price they charged for it.



1. Ability to comp a modifier - Previously you were only able to void modifiers after the order had been sent. You can now Comp them as well