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Release: 2019.12.2


  • Terminal: You can now name guests by holding the guest number for 2 seconds. (Note: this is currently only available on the terminal, not the handheld. Companion functionality will be added in a future update)


  • BackOffice: BackOffice logins are now optional when setting up a new user in the system.


  • Terminal

    • Many speed improvements to the terminal.

    • Date/Time shown is now based on the server time.

    • Various improvements and bug fixes to table layout editor.

  • BackOffice: Client Device registration page has been cleaned up and organized a bit better. Also, there is a link directly to the device registrations from the home page, add device area.

  • Kitchen / Bar Tickets: (Does not apply to kitchen video, just paper tickets)

    • Tickets now group like items and shows quantity instead of having multiple like items listed separately with a *

    • Modifiers shown on kitchen tickets are no longer prefaced with a *

    • Tickets now show guest name, if a guest is named in the system.

    • Tickets now follow the ‘Guest’ terminology instead of ‘Person’


      Before:  Now:

      Person #: 1

      * Cajun Fries

      * Cajun Fries

      * Stevie Wings

      * Stevie Wings

           * No Ranch

       Guest: 1 Sean

      2 Cajun Fries

      1 Stevie Wings
      1 Stevie Wings
             No Ranch

  • Ticket header now adjusts its size based on ticket size setting in BackOffice.

  • Modifier color now respects color and font overrides specified in modifier PLUs

Bug Fixes:

  • Terminal:

    • When using alphanumeric table numbers, sorting by table ‘number’ sorts correctly.

    • Charges that result in a negative dollar amount are no longer allowed

    • Fixed a bug that caused the system to prompt saying there was unsent entries, when there weren’t.

  • BackOffice: Fixed an issue that prevented printing a previous receipt/credit card slip in BackOffice.