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Release: 2019.11.1

NOTE: This release requires iPod handhelds to be on the latest version of the app in the app store to work properly. Please ensure they are upgraded ASAP.


  • Overall: System now supports timed firing. When ‘holding’ an item from the terminal or handheld, you can specify (in minutes) how long to hold the item before automatically sending.

  • Modifiers: You can now specify a maximum quantity on a modifier set



  • Modifiers: You can now override the selection pricing at the modifier set level for the first number of selected prices. For example, if you have a cheese selection modifier set, you can specify that the 1st selection is $0.00 (free) and all subsequent selections will charge the normal price

  • Modifiers: New Maximum Quantity, Quantity To Override, and PriceOverride feels can be set/overridden when adding the Modifier Set to a PLU. This allows you to reuse a set with different options here. For example, if you have a list of cheeses in a Modifier Set, when applying the set to a Cheeseburger you can set it at the PLU level to override the first item to be free, and on other PLUs it can charge.



  • Handheld: Coupons are now organized by section and colored to match terminal

  • Handheld: Modifier selection colors are now shown when selecting modifiers

  • BackOffice: Modifier Types and Modifier Sets are no longer shown in the side tree, and are shown in a grid like the rest of the system - offering more information and easier access to long lists.

  • BackOffice: ‘Forced Modifiers’ has been renamed to ‘Prompted Modifiers’ in PLU Setup

  • BackOffice: Inactive toggle has been added to the customers screen in back office

  • BackOffice: Reports now show location name(s) in the report footer.

  • BackOffice: Cost field in PLU Details is automatically populated @ 35% of the Default Price when creating a new PLU.

Bug Fixes:

  • Terminal: Coupons are now ordered properly

  • BackOffice: CC Batch Details is now much faster and no longer times out.

  • BackOffice: When adjusting the minimum wage, the system no longer updates employees with a $0 wage