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Release 2023.11.2 "Berlin"

Notes: This release was focused on Bug fixes.

If you have any questions please contact support at: or call (612) 861-5277


1. Separating gift card types on the daily sales report

  • If you have more than one Gift Card type they will now be separated in the payment summary section on the Daily Sales reports


2. Added CC Tip Fee to payroll report

  • If you are a location that charges your staff the CC Tip Fee we have now added it to the Payroll reports.


Bug Fixes

  1. There is a setting on the terminals to not print the customer CC Receipt. However it was still printing when a tab was started and completed.  This has been fixed so that no customer CC receipts will print.
  2. Today's Notes were not updating without completely closing out of the system. This has been fixed so if you edit Today's Notes in Backoffice, you should just need to log out and back in and it will be updated. 
  3. When you have the tender type set up to "Print receipt on payment" it was not printing the receipt after CC or GC payment. This is fixed.
  4. If you did a partial payment followed by another partial payment it resulted in needing to exit and go back in to the payment screen.  This is fixed now. 
  5. When printing individual receipts after payment was made all the payments were printing on the last seat. This has been fixed so that each payment prints only on the seat it was made on.