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Release 2022.11.2 "Baboon"

Note: This release adds 2 new features but mostly addresses bug issues

New Features:

Terminal: Guest select button on the payment screen


We have added these new buttons to the payment screen to help make it easier to pay out all guests or pay out individual guests.

In Backoffice, in the payment setting you can choose to have the system “Auto Select All Guests With Balance on Payment Screens” or not




General: Charges

There has been a small edit to the way charges work.

  1. If this checkbox is checked, the charge will apply to all guests. It will not allow you to remove it from an individual guests.

  2. If this checkbox is NOT checked, you can apply a charge to an individual guests. You will also be able to move it from one guest to another. and it will allow you to place other charges on additional guests. So all guests don't need to have the same charge.


Bugs Fixed :bug:

  • **Very important** Multiple NCAs were being added to a tab: We have made some improvements and added some safeguards around this happening. We are hoping that it takes care of the issue of 2 NCA being added to 1 tab. If you continue to see this happen please report it right away. Take a picture of the screen (include the top so we can see the transaction number and server name)
    and text it to 1-855-SAIL-POS

  • When starting a tab the name was not auto-populating in the table name section.

  • Credit Card batches were not showing up in back office reports in some instances.

  • Servers orders were going into the Online Order status in some rare cases.