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Release 2024.5.2 "Owatonna"

Notes: This release consists of 1 Improvement and a few fixes. 

**This release will NOT require you to update your handheld**

If you have any questions, please contact support at: or call (612) 861-5277


1. KVS: "As App" now respects the full automation rules

  • Now if you are using full automation with Kitchen Video, if an item goes to the kitchen "As App", the app will send to the side station and the rest of the ticket will not.  
    • Once the "As App" ticket is fully complete and turns green on the expo side, then the rest of the ticket will send to its station. 


  1. A few locations were experiencing tabs that would be +/- $0.01 after a transaction was paid for. In was due to rounding when a price level was less than 100%. This has now been fixed.
  2. Various small KVS bugs were also fixed during this release