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Release 2024.7.1 "Rajkot"

Notes: This release consists of 2 New features and Improvements. 

**This release WILL require you to update your handheld to version 2024.7.1**

If you would like any additional information or help setting up any of these new features, please contact support at: or call (612) 861-5277

New Features

1. KVS: Be able to mark modifiers as delivered 

  • You now have the ability to mark a modifier as delivered!!
  • On the Expo screen, go into the top right settings and select the option to "Select Modifiers"


  • Then when you are on the expo screen you can select the modifier and use the "delivered" button to mark that this item has been sent out to the table

    2024-06-27_12-28-27 (1).gif

  • You can also set it to automatically be marked as delivered as soon as you touch it
  • To do this, in the setting you can select the "Toggle to Touch" option


  • Now AS SOON as you touch an item, it will be marked as delivered2024-06-27_12-30-41 (1).gif


2. KVS: Modifier timing percentage

  • There is now the ability to use a cook time percentage on modifiers instead of by the second.  
  • A great use example for this is Cook Temps on a burger.  If the burgers cook time is 10 minutes you can put percentages on the temperature to change the time of the burger
    • Well Done - 120% - 12mins
    • Med Wel - 110% - 11mins
    • Medium - 100% - 10mins (original time)
    • Med Rare - 90% - 9mins
    • Rare - 80% - 8mins


    • Here is where to find this setting in Backoffice
    • Backoffice --> POS --> Modifiers --> find the modifier you're changing --> Advanced tab --> its down in the kitchen video options --> Cook time increase %