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Release: 2022.4.1

New reports:

  • Weekly and monthly reports

    • In the closing settings you can now add either a weekly and/or monthly report. It will be the same report you receive for your daily close just for the week or month.

      • Both reports will be sent to the same people listed in your Daily Close Email Recipients section

    • The Monthly report will automatically send at the end of the month if you check the box.

    • To set the weekly report, select the day of the week that is considered the last day of week. If you don't want a weekly report to auto generate leave it on “None.”


Handheld Changes:

  • Filter handheld category's

    • You can now specify whether a PLU Category is available on the handhelds.

    • Terminal configuration is separate from hand held, so any category's you remove from the hand held can still be available on the terminal.

      • Example: You could have a merchandise category on terminals but not on handhelds so the servers don’t have to scroll past the merchandise when they are taking order table side.

Note: If a parent category is hidden, all sub categories and PLUs within will be inaccessible from a handheld device.



  • Hold/Fire/Re-fire, Duplicate, and Delete/Void

    • You can now press edit to select multiple items on a handheld and apply a tool button.

    • The first modifier will show Hold, Fire or Re-fire depending on the status of the selected items.

    • Duplicate does not change. If there are items with conflicting states this will be the only option.

    • The third modifier will show void or delete depending on whether the item has been sent yet.



  • Split - Previously to split an item, the button was named “Guests”, this has been renamed to “Split”. The functionality is the same.



  • Fast Cash

    • Added Fast Cash as an option when selecting multiple tables on a hand held.




  • Charge by PLU group

    • You can now assign PLU Groups that apply to a Charge Group in Charges setup

    • This will allow you to set which PLU groups charges apply to.



  • Choose when to apply taxes and charges

    • You can now specify whether any specific charge is calculated after tax, or after other charges.

    • Calculate % After tax: This is where you will calculate the percent without adding the tax to the calculation.

      • To not charge the customer a gratuity on the transactions taxes leave this blank.

      • To charge the customer a gratuity and include the taxes you would check the box.

    • Calculate % After other charges: This will use any other charges that were applied to the transaction in the charge calculation.