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Cloud and Server Hybrid

Currently you are using a cloud only based system.

Which means everything you do on the terminal and handheld needs to use the internet to go to the cloud to access the information.

This means that your system is 100% relient on a stable internet connection to work. If the internet doesn’t work, your system doesn’t work.

We now have the technology to put a server in the store.

Which means that your terminals and handhelds would talk to a server in the store, thus not being reliant on internet connectivity. Which ultimately means, if the internet goes out, your system still works! You can still ring in new orders, orders still get sent to the kitchen, and you can still payout** tables.

Another thing is, the system is faster (by seconds, but every second counts). Because it doesn’t need to go out to the cloud to access information, your system will react quicker.

One other perk, is that if you have staff members who have Sail POS on their personal cell phones, they would no longer be able to access it outside of the store*. They’d only be able to use it while they are in the store working!

(*We still have a way to allow this to be available outside of the store if desired)

What about **payments?!?!

If you have a server in store, you will be able to do cash payments no problem! However, credit card payments still rely on the internet. In order for credit card devices to still work, we would need to install an LTE Failover device (if you don’t already have one). This means that when the internet goes out, the system switches over to a cell phone type service so that it can still access the internet to process credit cards.


With these two new features you would never have to worry about internet going out and interrupting service again!!!

If you are interested, let us know and we can put together a price quote.