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Release: 2021.7.1

New Features:

  • Online Ordering:

    • Sail POS now offers a fully integrated Online Ordering system - Contact us for more information if you are interested (Available for Cloud subscribers only)

  • Terminal:

    • You can now override the button color of a single PLU. Available in the Advanced section of the PLU setup.


    • In addition, we’ve double the number of color options available.



  • BackOffice:

    • Go Fish: You can now print receipts from within Go Fish

    • Go Fish: You can now search by table name and table number



  • Terminal:

    • Various table layout improvements as well as a few more table types were added.

    • A few new terminal options have been added, allowing you to hide some links from the launcher

    • You can now specify the system to automatically open a specific screen after logon to the terminal
      (See screenshot below)

  • BackOffice:

    • We have doubled the number of icons available by default! We have also reorganized them a bit.
      (Don’t forget you can add your own custom icons in Settings as well)

    • Screens area of settings has been moved to a new area called “Terminal Setup” that consolidate the Screens section and Settings section for the terminal:


  • Kitchen / Bar Tickets: (Does not apply to kitchen video, just paper tickets)

    • You can now turn off item grouping on kitchen\bar tickets.
      Setting can be found in Back Office here:
      POS -> Settings -> Kitchen Setup -> Ticket Configuration. Toggle the "Summarize Duplicate Items" checkbox

    • Items marked As App will now appear on top of the main ticket

Bug Fixes:

  • General:

    • Modifiers are now guaranteed to show and print in the order in which they are prompted/selected

  • Handhelds:

    • Fixed an issue that caused syncing to be really slow in certain cases.