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Distribute tip pool

This document will show how to use the Distribute tip pool feature.

The distribute tip pool function will take a sum of money that is entered by the user and give it to user selected tippable employees divided up by the number of hours each employee worked that day.

  1. Open tools page from launch screen



  2. Select distribute tip pool



  3. (Optional) Enter the amount of cash tips you would like to be distributed on the payroll reports.



  4. Select the people that you would like to distribute the tip pool to.


    1. John Goodenough had more hours so he gets a larger portion of the tips. He did not provide any credit tips but still gets a portion of the credit tips.

    2. Jordan Johnson is not included in the tip pool so they don’t get any of the share but their credit tips are not included in the pool.

    3. Mana Ger had no logged hours so they don't get any of the share even though they were put in the pool.

    4. Sam Jack gets less tips because he had fewer hours than John.

      Credit Card Fee is when your location takes a percentage of credit card tips and gives it to the processor to cover the processing fee.



  5. Once submitted all the totals will be entered into the system as tipouts and show up in the related reports.