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How to Hold, Fire, or Re-Fire an item

This will detail the process of editing and moving orders after they have been added to a guest.

  1. Hold:
    Placing a hold on something will hold it until YOU press the fire button. This way you can put in an order for an item you don’t want to go to the kitchen right away and then you will need to go back in and fire it when you are ready for it to go to the kitchen.


  2. Hold with timer:
    When Placing a hold on something you can set a timer to have the item automatically send to the kitchen in a number of minutes. You may either select the plus and minus signs to adjust the timer or select the manual input button to be prompted for a number of minutes.
    *Once placed on hold an Item may be fired early at the servers discretion by selecting the item and pressing the fire button from the edit page as shown in the next step. Or will be automatically fired after the desired amount of time expires.


  3. Fire:
    When an item is on hold press the fire button to send it to the kitchen immediately. When something is placed on hold you must hit this button to get it to fire or it wont send, however, if something was placed on hold with a timer you may use the fire button to send it early but it will send when time runs out either way.