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How to Move items to a new seat

This will detail the process of editing and moving orders after they have been added to a guest.

To transfer an item, select it, then select the guest you would like to transfer the item too. The item will now appear under the guest it was transferred too and that guests total will reflect the change.



    1. Duplicate:
      To duplicate an item first select it then select the Duplicate button.



    2. Modify Item:
      To Modify an item, select it, then select the Modify button. Once selected you will be given options for just about any situation you will run into. The buttons in this section will not behave in a toggle as they do with most modifiers. Each button will have options to cycle through. They can be cycled through by pressing the button until the desired option appears. Options include Add, No, Add side, Move to Side, Extra, and Easy on. These options can be customized.


    3. Split item:
      Each item can be split between guests. This can be accomplished by selecting the item, selecting split, then selecting the guest you would like the item to be split with.