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How to enter tips

This document will detail how to enter tips on a Terminal

To see how to edit tips on a handheld please click the link

Credit card tips

Note: Cash tips do not need to be added to each transaction manually, There is a prompt during clock out of all tippable employees that will ask to enter the total cash tips received that day.

  1. Navigate to the Edit Tips screen.


  2. Locate the payment that you would like to enter a tip on.

    1. When you open the payment screen it will default to credit card transactions that are still pending a tip.


  3. A prompt will appear asking for the tip amount.

    1. You will now see a keypad with 2 options.

    2. When the “Tip” is highlighted in yellow you can enter the tip amount. The total amount will reflect the correct total as the tip is entered.

    3. When the “Total” is highlighted in yellow you can enter the total amount. The tip amount will update based on the total amount.

    4. If you have a total amount that is less than the sale amount, the tip button will say “Invalid”

    5. The system will default to a dollar value. If the tip has a cent value you will need to add the decimal point to separate dollars and cents or the system will interpret the entire tip in dollars.
    6. Once the tip has been entered the system will ask for confirmation of the new total with the tip added.2023-01-10_10-32-20 (1).gif

  4. Once the tip has been entered you can see the tip listed and the payment will no longer be a pending transaction.

  5. You can select multiple payments to enter a tip on more that one transaction at a time.

    1. The tip will be the same for all selected transactions.

    2. Zero dollar tips need to be entered or you will not be able to complete a server close at the end of the day
      2023-11-16_17-33-14 (1).gif