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How to set up auto clock out

This document will detail how to set up the Auto clock out feature.

Auto Clock out by time

  1. First navigate to the staff tab then to settings.



  2. Once the Enable Auto clock out checkbox has been more options will open up.


    1. If there are staff members who are auto clocked out, an asterisk * will appear on the payroll report next totheir clock out time.

    2. Also, an email can be sent to the recipients specified to indicate which employees were auto clocked out. You may add more than one email recipient by separating emails with ; symbols.

Auto Clock Out when the daily close happens

  1. Navigate to the POS tab in back office, then to the “Closing” section under settings.

  2. Select the “Auto clock out staff on daily close” feature. This will clock anyone that has not clocked out on their own when the daily close happens.

    1. Please keep in mind if the daily close happens at the end of the night while staff is still working, it will clock them out as soon as the close happens.


If you are using the Auto Close feature, the auto clock out will happen at the time you set for the close to happen. For more information on setting up an auto daily close see How to set up Auto Close.