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How to update your tax rates

  1. Log into Backoffice
  2. Click on the POS tab on the top
  3. Click on the triangle next to System Setup
  4. Click on Taxes
    1. This will show you all of your tax types
  5. Click on the second tab called "Tax Rates"
  6. Click on the pencil next to the one you'd like to edit


  7. Enter the number as a percentage. For example: 7.375 (the system will add the % sign automatically)
  8. When finished click Update


    *Any and all inputs, modifications, and/or updates to tax rates, prices, costs, wages, other variables, and/or other information into the business systems is the sole responsibility of the Company. Should you wish to receive assistance with any changes, please contact your customer service or sales representative. A waiver and Fees may be required to receive this service. This help guide is not tax or legal advice and should not be used in lieu of professional assistance.