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How to create a pay out button

This document will detail how to make a payout button


  1. You will need to make a new PLU but first you will need to make a new PLU group to add to it. Navigate to the PLU Groups section under settings on the POS Tab.



  2. Select the plus sign in the upper left corner of the screen to create a new group.



  3. Name the new group Payouts and save.

    1. Do not select the boxes for include in labor percentage or sales.



  4. Navigate to the POS section and find the folder that would make the most sense to contain a payout button.



  5. Right click on the folder. Then select “Add New PLU.”



  6. A new PLU will open.



  7. Fill in the PLU name section. For payouts we will use Misc - Dollar sign for the icon and payout for the name.



  8. Fill out the Pricing/Availability section.



  9. Set the tax type to non tax and PLU group to Payouts then save.



  10. Next go to the advanced tab and set the PLU Type to payments.


    1. Requires Manager Checkbox is OPTIONAL depending on your needs

  11. If you would like payout details to show on a report next you will want to navigate to the reports screen.



  12. We are adding the Payout Detail section to the server report. Click insert to add it to the Report.

    1. I recommend adding it to the “Daily” report as well



  13. Select the hamburger icon to drag the new section to where you want it in the report.



  14. The button will be added to the system in the section that matches the folder you selected to place it in.

    1. First you will put in the dollar amount of the payout

    2. Then you will type in the reason for the payout. This can be an item, or a store, or vendor.

    3. When you pay it out (fast cash it) a receipt will print for it to be placed in the till for record keeping.



9. This is what a Payout will look like on a server close report.

This is without the details section                            This is with the details section added

image.png                        image.png