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PLU: Prompted Modifier Sets

This document will detail what is found in prompted modifier sets tab.

The Prompted Modifier Sets tab is where all of the modifier sets that automatically populate on the PLUs get connected to them. If you would like know how to create Modifier PLUs or assign Modifier PLUs to Modifier Sets use the links provided here.


  1. To connect a modifier set select the plus sign at the top right to attach a new modifier set.



  2. The Title section is what the modifier set will be called in the terminals when it is prompted.




  3. The Modifier Set section is a drop down box where the list of all the modifier sets can be browsed and where the Modifier Set you want to add will be selected.


    1. If a modifier set does not appear in the list it may be inactive or does not exist yet.

      1. To see inactive Modifier Sets go to the Modifier Set section in the navigation bar on the left and choose to see inactive sets. You should now see all Modifier sets both active and inactive. Locate the right Modifier set and select it to open its settings. There will be an Active section with a checkbox; Check the box to set it to active then save. It will now be available in the drop down list.

      2. If you need to create a new set to match your PLU requirements, then follow the links at the top of the page.


  4. The Maximum Quantity section is used to set the modifier quantity limit. In our example the customer should only choose one type of meat for the burger, so we will set the Maximum Quantity to 1.



  5. The Allow None section sets the Modifier Set to be skippable if desired. If this is not checked the set considered a forced modifier and must be selected before the item can be added to the order. A meat type must be chosen in our example so we will leave the checkbox blank.


    1. The Skip Child modifiers section refers to the fact that Modifier PLUs can have modifier sets connected to them. If selected any Modifier PLUs in the Modifier Set your adding will not prompt any of its own modifier sets. This is not used frequently.


  6. Overall Price Override sets a single price for each of the items in the set.

    1. The quantity section sets how many times the price gets changed.

    2. The price override section sets what the price that the quantity to override section uses to set items to.


    3. An example to illustrate steps a and b.

      You have a salad and the first two dressing choices are offered without charging and any subsequent dressings are $.50 cents. You would set quantity to 2, so the first two dressings are effected. The price is then set to $0.00, so the first two selected are zero and all subsequent prices are set by the Modifier PLU instead of the Modifier Set.

  7. Our burger example will not require a change to the Overall Price override, so at this point we are ready to save. Select the insert button to save the modifier set to the PLU.



  8. After the Modifier has been inserted list it will show up last. The Modifier Sets populate in the same order they’re in on the list. For our example we would like the new modifier set to pop up before the others so we will move it to the top by clicking and dragging it using the two lines next to the pencil as shown below.

    5d391199-6067-46b1-be92-00dcb33bc30f (1).gif


  9. To edit any of the options described above click the pencil Icon. To delete a modifier set from the PLU list select the x icon.