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How to create a modifier set

This will walk you through creating a modifier set.

  1. Open back office.

  2. Select the POS tab at the top of the page.



  3. Navigate to modifier set.



  4. To create a new modifier set select the plus sign in the upper left corner of the set list.



  5. Details.


    1. Make the name easily recognizable. That way it's easy to find and assign from a list of modifier sets.

    2. Be sure to check this box when making a new set. If the “Active” checkbox is not checked it will not be visible in the system when you try to assign the set to a PLU. (If you forget this step you can select the show inactive box in the top left of the modifier sets list and it will show all inactive sets. Find the set you created and edit it to make it active.)

    3. Modifier type selects what action can be preformed on the modifier list. The options can be adjusted, so the options here might be different than what you have. Most locations include what follows.

      1. Standard: The standard modifier set is a basic set of instructions for preparation which includes, No, Add, Sub, On side, Add on side, Easy on, Extra, and Qty.

      2. Toggle: Toggle lets you select options from a list by highlighting or un-highlighting options. This is the default option and what will be selected for the majority of sets.

      3. Pizza: This provides options for pizza including whole, half 1, and half 2.

      4. Quantity: This will provide number options such as 1, 2, and 3.

    4. “Maximum Quantity” will set how many options can be selected from the set list. Leave this blank to set it to unlimited.


  6. Overall Price Override.


    1. Quantity to Override Sets how many items from the set get changed to the price override number. Leave this blank to set the prices to inherit from the PLU.

    2. Price Override This will change what the price is for all the PLUs in the set. It will override the price on the PLU to the one entered in this field.

    3. Example: To provide two dressings with a salad without charging you would set $0.00 for the price override and 2 for the quantity. The first two selected dressings will be free, but any additional will have their price set by the dressing PLU instead of the set. This will charge for any additional dressings added to the order.

  7. Advanced


    1. Show in category: This will group items by category when shown in the terminal. Generally is not used unless there are a lot of items.

    2. Show in reporting. This will add the modifier set to the modifier reports.

  8. Modifier PLUs:

    1. This is where you will add the Modifier PLUs to the Modifier Set.



    2. Press the plus sign to open a prompt for adding Modifier PLUs to the Set. This will allow you to add a single PLU to the set.



    3. Details.



    4. Select a Modifier PLU from a drop down list of PLUs.




    5. Set the Price Override field

      Set this if you want the price of the Modifier PLU to be set individually by this Modifier Set.

      1. PLU pricing can be thought of as a hierarchy where the amount entered overrides the price of those below it. The PLU itself is at the bottom of the hierarchy, then the modifier set (price override above), then at the top is the modifiers in the set.

      2. Set the price to be empty if you want the price to be inherited from the level below it. If nothing is entered the price will not be overridden. Entering zero will not let the level below it inherit, it will set the price to zero.

    6. When to Prompt.



    7. Select if you want this to be available in store or online. It can be one or both, but if neither are selected the modifier will not prompt in the system. This only shows up if your location is utilizing the online ordering feature.

    8. Press insert and the PLU will be added to the set.



    9. There is another way to add PLUs to a modifier set from this tab. Select the drop box above the plus sign and select the category you would like to add. Then press the blue “Add Category PLUs to set button.” This will add all of the Modifier PLUs that are in that category.



    10. Once your Modifier PLUs are added to the set you can edit each one individually by pressing the pencil icon. You can set all there prices at the same time by pressing the blue “Bulk Edit” button. The sort order can be changed by dragging each Modifier PLU into place and any Modifier PLU can be removed from the set by pressing the red x.



  9. PLUs using this set. This tab will list the PLUs that use this set.



    1. Press the plus sign to add the set to the desired PLU.



    2. A prompt to set the connection up will appear.


      1. The Title will set what the section is called when the modifier set is prompted on the screen. We frequently suggest posing this in the form of a question such as “Would you like to add cheese?” or “What size would you like?” or you can simply say “Dressing Options” However, this can be set to anything you would like.

      2. The PLU section sets what PLU your attaching the modifier set to. Once added to the list selecting the PLU on a terminal or hand held will prompt the set.

      3. Select “Allow None” to let this modifier set be skippable for the specific PLU. If this is something that needs to be selected such as how well done the customer wants a steak, then leave this unchecked.

  10. Modifier sets can also be connected from the PLU you would like the set attached to. There is additional modifier set related configuration that can be performed from the PLU see “PLU: Prompted Modifier sets.” for more information.